Ford and JVs donate 5 mln yuan to China quake relief

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Ford Motor Company has announced a donation of 5 million yuan ($716,000) in cash and vehicles together with its joint venture and investment companies in China to support relief efforts for victims of the China Wenchuan earthquake. Ford Motor expects to complement this initial contribution with donations and additional relief activities that are currently being organized among its global operations.

Ford and JVs donate 5 mln yuan to China quake relief

Ford Motor Company's direct contributions will include a cash donation of 1 million yuan and Ford Transit vehicles worth another 1 million yuan, including ambulances and other vehicles needed to support the relief efforts. Changan Ford Mazda Automobile Co. is contributing 1.5 million yuan cash, while Jiangling Motors Co. will donate JMC/Ford vehicles worth 1.5 million yuan to support the relief efforts.

"We are greatly concerned and we are continuing to monitor the situation very closely. Through all of our efforts, we are working to support the rescue teams and organizations working tirelessly to provide relief and assistance to the victims of this natural disaster," said Robert Graziano, president and CEO of Ford Motor China. "We'll continue to work with our global operations, as well as our dealers and suppliers, to assess and identify additional ways where we can assist the local counties and emergency relief efforts."

Ford Motor Company is currently working with the Ford Fund to accept individual contributions from the company's global workforce, who can pledge donations through The Company plans to match Ford employee contributions up to a total of 500,000 yuan. The funds donated via the Ford Fund and Global Giving will be given to the American Red Cross to assist in their ongoing earthquake relief efforts in China.

Ford Motor employees in China have also started internal collections of food and clothing, which will be delivered with the donated Ford vehicles. The Ford Fund and Ford Motor China are also discussing ways to provide financial support for future employee volunteer activities that will support the relief efforts.

As a responsible corporate citizen, Ford Motor Company has been active in contributing to China's social well-being while developing its business in China. Over the past decade, the company has made various contributions in environmental protection, road safety, health and hygiene and education programs. 


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