SUVs welcome at Beijing auto show

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The 2008 Beijing International Auto Show officially opened to the public on Tuesday, with more than 80,000 visitors in attendance. Sports utility vehicles, or SUVs, account for a large part of the new-to-market automobiles.

SUVs welcome at Beijing auto show

SUV sales in China exceeded 370,000 units in 2007, increasing 60 percent year on year. Automakers are finding that for many of the country's newly prosperous car buyers, bigger is better.

SUVs welcome at Beijing auto show

One customer said "SUVs are more powerful than small cars, a better fit for young people who like outdoor sports."

Another consumer said "It's a good performance vehicle, comfortable for a long journey."

Last year's burst in demand surprised automakers, who were caught unprepared. Medium and high-end SUVs were in short supply.

As prices surged, manufacturers took notice and are showcasing their SUVs at the show. Many automakers have improved their SUVs, making the fuel-hungry products more environmentally-friendly.

These SUVs will hit the Chinese market after the auto show. Consumers are hoping that the larger supply will lead to a drop in prices.


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