Honda car sales up 12% in China last month

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Honda Motor recently said it sold 11.9% more vehicles in China’s mainland in February than a year earlier, but slightly lagged by 17% in the overall market growth.

Honda car sales up 12% in China last month

As one of Japan's largest car makers, Honda boasts models including the Accord, Civic and Odyssey. It sold 28,359 cars in China last month, against 25,344 units a year earlier, according to a corporate statement.

Sales of vehicles by its venture with Dongfeng Motor, which is based in central China’s Hubei province, jumped by 70.6% to 10,259 units in February, said the statement.

But sales at Guangzhou Honda, its joint venture with Guangzhou Auto Group which has its subsidiary Denway Motors listed in Hong Kong, slipped by 6.4% to 18,100 units that month.

Somer industry analysts blamed the fall on the freak harsh snowstorms in the eastern and southern parts of China early this year, which disrupted auto parts supplies to the capital of the hardest-hit Guangdong province.


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